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Dr. Sharad Upadhye, the man who is making culturally strong India by his behavior and pure character. He teaches us how to understand other person.

Sharad Upadhyay’s `Rashichakra’ in which he analyses the characteristics of people based on their stars, is what dream success is all about. The one-man Marathi show, sans any grand set has been staged for over 10 years now and this week completed its show number 1,702 at Vishnudas Bhave auditorium in Vashi. Despite heavy showers and it being a weekday, the auditorium was jam packed for a 4 pm show by patrons who came for a hearty laugh and they were not disappointed.

During his three hour show, Updhayay starts of with analysing the symbol of each of the twelve sun signs, showing pictures of celebrities and politicians who have the same sign and then goes on to reveal the characteristics of people of those signs. His humorous analysis predominantly cites the relationships husband and wife and lovers. He also compares the different reactions of people of different signs under similar situations.

New Bombay Plus caught up with Upadhayay, who revealed that he was a serious astrologer who had conducted astrology classes and provided consultation for over 25 years. “It is by default that I am on stage. A friend who had attended my classes suggested that I do stage shows. I thought he was joking since I had no acting experience but upon his insistence I decided to do my first show in Nasik on February 23rd, 1993, so that no one in Mumbai would find out. But the response from the very first show has been so tremendous that there was no stopping and I have just gone on and on.”

Upadhyay has done around 30 shows in Navi Mumbai. “I have been lucky to have such audiences for all my shows whether in Navi Mumbai or elsewhere. They are mostly educated audience who understand my chatter! It gives immense pleasure when I see a wife nudging her husband confirming to him what I am saying about his sun sign. I consider this my subject’s success, not mine.” On the accuracy of his analysis and his light-hearted interpretation, Upadhayay candidly confesses that what he says on stage is only to create humour and entertain the people. “I make it very clear in the very beginning itself. There are over 10 to 15 crore people who have the same sign, how can they all have same characteristics. Its like saying that all Maharastrians are in service and all Gujaratis are businessmen. For those who want to get serious information they should come to me for consultation. It’s only entertainment here. Astrology has unnecessarily been made very dry by the astrologers,” he points out.
Recalling a touching experience, Upadhyay discloses, “Once during a show in Thane, when I was speaking on Dhanu Rashi, an elderly gentleman who was having a hearty laugh suffered a stroke and died. Later his widow came to me and said, everyone has to die some day, I am glad my husband passed away laughing. He was of Dhanu Rashi and was loving everything you said about its people. It was very touching.”

In his message to the patrons, Updhyay address said, “Astrology is a vague science. There is no need to be very serious about it. There is talk of making it a university subject, which is ridiculous. Where will they get the lecturers? Every astrologer has his own theory. Though I am myself an astrologer I am against it. It requires very deep study to comment on astrological aspects. The celestial bodies are not greater than God, their creator. Pray to God and your problems will be solved.”

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Sharad Upadhye website rashichandra upadhaya astrologer rashichakra rashi chakra rashi ranjan books shard upadhaya contact details upadhya upadhyay website bhavishya@mee marathi.tv classes run by upadhyay in – mumbai mahalaxmi rashi chakra bhakti sagar bhavishya@mimarathi.tv vrish rashi is suited with vrishik rashi in case of marriage contact no of upadhyay bhavishya @mimarathi.com astrologer Upadhey website bhavishya@mimarathi tv bhavishya@mimarathi.tv http://www.bhavishyawar bolu kahi good mahalakshmi photos upadhaye astrologer mother laxmi upadhaye address & telephone no images of laxmi mata pictures of goddess laxmi meemarathi@bhavishya.com bhavishyawar bolu kahi bhavishya marathi
sharad upadhye website astrologer rashichandra sharad upadhaya rashichakra appointment    mimarathi.tv bhavishya shard upadhaya contact details sharad upadhye books rashi chakra bhavishya@mee marathi.tv classes run by sharad upadhyay in – mumbai sharad upadhye mahalaxmi bhakti sagar bhavishya@mimarathi.tv upadhyay bhavishya@mimarathi.tv website vrish rashi is suited with vrishik rashi in case of marriage bhavishya @mimarathi.com
http://www.bhavishymimarathi.tv mother laxmi sharad upadhaye address & telephone no  bhavishya@mimarathi.tv  http://www.bhavishyawar bolu kahi  good mahalakshmi photos astrologer

This is from reference- http://puputupu.blogspot.in/2011/04/rashichakra-sharad-upadhye-bhakti-sagar.html


  1. shradha vichare says:

    Hello sir,need ur appointment, so please give me ur information, how to contact u
    Shradha Vichare

  2. nilam says:

    mi 22 year chi aahe mazi dob 25-7-1992 aahe time 12.35 am ahe. mazya gharache mazya lagna chya mage lagalet tar plz advise me right time mazya lagna sati.n te kontya time ne hoil.like arrange ki love?????

  3. Sachin jadhav says:

    Namaskar me Sachin jadhav
    ” Sanskrutik kalamunch Raver president 2015″
    mala tumacha program “Rashichakra” ha
    raver tal raver dist jalgaon(khandesh)
    yethe arrange karayacha aahe tar sir me contact kasa karu te plz kalawa
    last 13 years pasun ravet yethe sanskrutik kalamunch suru aahe aami pratek varshi 3 programs arrange karato aani sobat pratek varshi parellel vyakhanmala pan get asato
    tar sir aapan plz reply dya
    my no. 9763909777.

  4. Bharatkumar Bafna says:

    Jail Gurusev,
    Namaskar guru. Punyatil sarv vidvan panditanna mazi patrika dakhavli. No use. I want to meet u.

  5. Sarita Anil Sawant says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Plz. give me contact no. & email id of Mr. Sharad Upadhye


    Sarita Sawant

  6. rajiv avdhut wavare says:

    Sir,majhi d.o.b. 16april 1978ahe sakali 11.10a.m cha janm..mark rashi ahe..Lagna jhal 2012 la..ek bal age mulga ahe..techa janm 2014 Jan la 3 wajun 10 MTS ahe duparcha..bayko cha nav Apeksha ahe. ticha janm sakali 2.27 mts ahe..d.o.b 18 Jan 1984 cha ahe. mithun rashi ahe. majha family cha majh she patat nai..te nashik LA astat.me Pune made job karto. .aai yet pan nai kadhi..mala kalsarp dosh ahe Ashe mantat kahi pandit..me job karto..side business pan kel hota pan loss bhogtoy..paper drone cha..paishe wachat CH nai..sagla loan war chalu ahe..the fedaila pan paise nai ahet..kai karav such at nai..janm nashik cha ahe..pls guide kara kai karu..

    • lion says:

      Sun -*Not to have alcohol or wine.Not to eat non-veg food.Maintain character of high order.
      Moon-*Whenever you cross the river ,with the children ,drop a coin in it.Drinking water in a silver tumbler will bring you good luck.
      Mars-*Wear a silver bracelet in right arm. Not to take anything free of cost. Not to tell lies.
      Mercury-*Not to keep money plant in the house. Non -vegetarian food and alcohol strictly prohibited.
      Jupiter-*Do not show your bare body to others.
      Venus-*Donate mustard oil on Saturdays.
      Saturn-*For prosperity give food to three street dogs daily.
      Rahu-*Not to wear blue pants. Keep a square silver piece in your pocket to get rid of uninvited tensions.
      Ketu-*keep some honey in a silver container in your house.

  7. vinayakgodkar says:

    Respected sir,
    Mala tumhal bhetaych ahe, tumcyashi sampark kasa karaycha? Plz tumcha address kiva phone number milu shakel ka?

    • swati says:

      Sir,maza problem fakt tumhi sodu Shanta? Karan me khup problem made ahe mazi DOB 28 July 1980 ,time (pahate)2:45 min v birth place parbhani ahe mala tumhala bhetayche ahe plz tumcha address deu shakta ka? Mi narsobachya vadila suddha jaun ale……plz help me sir

      • lion says:

        Sun-*To attract good luck ,leave your house after putting some sweets/sugar in your mouth.
        Moon-*By worshipping Durga & observing Navratras ,your wishes will be fulfilled.
        Mars-*Take a little honey ,the first thing in the morning,without brushing your teeth.
        Mercury-*Burry a glass bottle filled with honey in an isolated place .( closed with a glass lid )
        Jupiter-*Put a tilakam of saffron or turmeric on the forehead daily. There should not be any open pits in front of your house.If there are, get them filled at the earliest.
        Venus-*Mix a few spoonfuls of curd in your bathing water.
        Saturn-*Not to tell lies.
        Rahu-*Not to keep dogs. Immerse a dry coconut in a river.
        Ketu-*Wear a gold chain around the neck

  8. SP says:

    Need an appointment or any contact number of Dr Sharad Upadhye

  9. Parag says:

    Shri Sharad Ji,

    We performed Tripindi at Narasobachi wadi last year as we were facing few issues since Jan 2013. Still facing similar issues…. Need your guidance. Any suitable date & time to meet.

  10. SARITA says:

    Maza nav sarita ahe,Date of birth 07.07.1991 time-09.07pm.Maza eka mulavar prem hota amhi lagna hi karnar hoto pan 5-6 month nantar mala samjla ki tyacha lagna already zala ahe tyamule mi tyachyashi aslela relation todla..mazya ghari yabaddl mahit nahi ahe..but ata gharche mazya lagnacha vichar karat ahet tar he sagla mi Gharchyana and te mzya sathi jo koni mulga baghtil tyala sagava ki nahi.mi khup confused ani thoda tension ahe.mi ya situation madhe kay kela pahije.Maza email id ahe 070791saritakinjale@gmail.com.plz reply……..

  11. Priyanka says:

    Mala tumhala bhetayache aahe..mala tumacha contact no milel ka??

  12. sumit shintre says:

    I want appointment to discuss kindly give me date and time

    Thanking you

    • shraddha sawant says:

      I want to take appointment of Mr.sharad upadhye. Pl. Help me in take appointment of him.

    • amita moreshwar likhar says:

      Resepted sir
      Mala mazya marriage vishai thod wicharaych hot tar mi tumcha no khup search kela pan mala milala nhi tr plz tumcha contact no milel ka sir mala .

  13. Deepali says:

    Sir Pls Contact No. Milu Shakel Ka.

  14. Akshata says:

    Hello sir(Shri.Sharad Upadhye)
    I want to meet you urgently
    Please can I get your contact number or address
    Please help me out sir I need your guidance at the earliest for my marriage

  15. Shobha Hiranandani says:

    Sir, we would like to meet you,need an appointment. Please provide me date and timing.

  16. Priti Rajaram Jadhav says:

    I want to urgently consult for my daughter.

  17. shrikant kisan thombre says:


  18. Rupali says:

    Dear sir,

    It’s a great pleasure to write to you..hope you are doing well..I tries to get your personal contact to share my problem but didn’t find any no where I can cal you and tel you.
    sir,This is regarding my marriage.I have planning to get marries by this year..recently a month back I started talking to a guy whom I liked n decided to get married..we both are very serious for each other and our parents also agreed for our marriage..now the things have moved far as there is some kind of emotional boding build up in between us and our familiy’s are also included..a day before we checked our kundali n it have given result as negative because of shadashtak dosh in boy’s kundali..
    .It has made us upset n disturbed..sir I want o.e remedy on this problem.I am sending you our details I’d you can provide me some solution it would be a great favour on us..I
    Boy’s details:
    Name:- Anup Aroon Barooah
    place:- wadia hospital Mumbai
    time :-5:55pm
    DOB:-2/8 1983

    girls details
    name:- rupali narayan gondhe
    time;6:55 pm
    sir,its a kind request to you to please provide us some satisfying results

  19. vasanti bhide. says:

    Namaste, will you please give your phone no.or email address .I have been reading your books, learning a lot.I would like to seek your guidance regarding my son esp . about his marriage. Mrs vasanti.
    my email address is rao.homoeo@gmail.com

  20. Ankita Patil says:

    Sir pudhchya varshi konachyach lagnacha yog nahi he khar aahe ka

  21. rachana says:

    Sir i want ur appointment or contact no…i m in big confusion..i need ur precious advice …thank u

  22. Dilip C says:

    We want some guidance for my Daughter, she is studying in class 10th this year. We wanted to ask some questions for her future and existing issues.

  23. Dilip C says:

    We want some guidance for my Daughter, she is studying in class 10th this year. We wanted to ask some questions for her future and existing issues. I want to show her patrika for her education. I just wanted your appointment, kindly send me your date, time and also your fees for the same. Thanking you.

  24. Vikas says:

    my dob is 4/6/83 at 12:20pm i m in very bad situation i m married.her dob is 24/5/89 is at 7:35pm their is long time life good marriage partner for me.

  25. mungase mamta manoj says:

    Sir mi rashi chakr ha program nehami bagitla aahe. Mla khup phayda jala aahe. Aani khup goshti lakshat aalya svata baddal mi khup janun ghetle. Pn tri majya married life hi changli nahi chalu. Tr mala tumhala bhetaycha aahe. Majya Mr. Yana pn akda. Plz sir

  26. Dnyaneshwar dinde says:

    I need sir advice

  27. Lina Rane says:

    Need an appointment or any contact number of Dr Sharad Upadhye

  28. rohini says:

    namste sir,mala mazya mulichi’janm patrika’ tumchyakade kadhaychi Aahe.tar tyasathi kas pathau shakto te sanga.tyasathi

    amhi kuthe yeu te sanga.

  29. Please let me know your availability in Pune with address and contact details for advice . Also inform about fees as we both (wife and I) wanted to meet. Thanks for consideration. Ramdas Pasalkar, Mobile no. 9822654767.

  30. prashant dhole says:

    Hello sir,need ur appointment, so please give me ur information, how to contact u

  31. prashant dhole says:

    Hello sir,need ur appointment, so please give me ur information, how to contact u

    My Cell 9960005056

  32. ram says:

    Should a boy of tula rashi marry a girl of mithun rashi.

  33. Aniruddha parve says:

    sir i want to contact you so please kindly provide me contact details.

  34. dilip patil says:

    I want to u meet…can u give me ur contact no pl

  35. kalyani Haldankar says:

    sir I want to meet u…can u pl provide me ur contact no…..

  36. Manorama j pandagle says:

    Sir, good morning
    Mala mazi rashi mahit nahi. aai sagte ki mi 1 May 1979 la 6.00pm la zale aani hospital madhe namud aahe ki 4.20pm
    Mala 2007 madhe cancer zala hota aata mi bari aahe .pan mana sarkhi aarthik pragti nahi. Mazya kundlit ghar 4 chaki gadi aahe ka? maze lagn zale aahe 11may 1997.mala 2 mule aahe.1 siddhant 12th aahe aani 2 aadity 8th aahe. mazi pragti kadhi honar aani mazi rashi kay mi konte ratna ghalave maza content no 9822808936 plz massage me.

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