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Dr. Sharad Upadhye, the man who is making culturally strong India by his behavior and pure character. He teaches us how to understand other person.

Sharad Upadhyay’s `Rashichakra’ in which he analyses the characteristics of people based on their stars, is what dream success is all about. The one-man Marathi show, sans any grand set has been staged for over 10 years now and this week completed its show number 1,702 at Vishnudas Bhave auditorium in Vashi. Despite heavy showers and it being a weekday, the auditorium was jam packed for a 4 pm show by patrons who came for a hearty laugh and they were not disappointed.

During his three hour show, Updhayay starts of with analysing the symbol of each of the twelve sun signs, showing pictures of celebrities and politicians who have the same sign and then goes on to reveal the characteristics of people of those signs. His humorous analysis predominantly cites the relationships husband and wife and lovers. He also compares the different reactions of people of different signs under similar situations.

New Bombay Plus caught up with Upadhayay, who revealed that he was a serious astrologer who had conducted astrology classes and provided consultation for over 25 years. “It is by default that I am on stage. A friend who had attended my classes suggested that I do stage shows. I thought he was joking since I had no acting experience but upon his insistence I decided to do my first show in Nasik on February 23rd, 1993, so that no one in Mumbai would find out. But the response from the very first show has been so tremendous that there was no stopping and I have just gone on and on.”

Upadhyay has done around 30 shows in Navi Mumbai. “I have been lucky to have such audiences for all my shows whether in Navi Mumbai or elsewhere. They are mostly educated audience who understand my chatter! It gives immense pleasure when I see a wife nudging her husband confirming to him what I am saying about his sun sign. I consider this my subject’s success, not mine.” On the accuracy of his analysis and his light-hearted interpretation, Upadhayay candidly confesses that what he says on stage is only to create humour and entertain the people. “I make it very clear in the very beginning itself. There are over 10 to 15 crore people who have the same sign, how can they all have same characteristics. Its like saying that all Maharastrians are in service and all Gujaratis are businessmen. For those who want to get serious information they should come to me for consultation. It’s only entertainment here. Astrology has unnecessarily been made very dry by the astrologers,” he points out.
Recalling a touching experience, Upadhyay discloses, “Once during a show in Thane, when I was speaking on Dhanu Rashi, an elderly gentleman who was having a hearty laugh suffered a stroke and died. Later his widow came to me and said, everyone has to die some day, I am glad my husband passed away laughing. He was of Dhanu Rashi and was loving everything you said about its people. It was very touching.”

In his message to the patrons, Updhyay address said, “Astrology is a vague science. There is no need to be very serious about it. There is talk of making it a university subject, which is ridiculous. Where will they get the lecturers? Every astrologer has his own theory. Though I am myself an astrologer I am against it. It requires very deep study to comment on astrological aspects. The celestial bodies are not greater than God, their creator. Pray to God and your problems will be solved.”

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Sharad Upadhye website rashichandra upadhaya astrologer rashichakra rashi chakra rashi ranjan books shard upadhaya contact details upadhya upadhyay website bhavishya@mee marathi.tv classes run by upadhyay in – mumbai mahalaxmi rashi chakra bhakti sagar bhavishya@mimarathi.tv vrish rashi is suited with vrishik rashi in case of marriage contact no of upadhyay bhavishya @mimarathi.com astrologer Upadhey website bhavishya@mimarathi tv bhavishya@mimarathi.tv http://www.bhavishyawar bolu kahi good mahalakshmi photos upadhaye astrologer mother laxmi upadhaye address & telephone no images of laxmi mata pictures of goddess laxmi meemarathi@bhavishya.com bhavishyawar bolu kahi bhavishya marathi
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http://www.bhavishymimarathi.tv mother laxmi sharad upadhaye address & telephone no  bhavishya@mimarathi.tv  http://www.bhavishyawar bolu kahi  good mahalakshmi photos astrologer

This is from reference- http://puputupu.blogspot.in/2011/04/rashichakra-sharad-upadhye-bhakti-sagar.html



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    I need ur appointment ASAP.
    Pl give your contact

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    I want to Meet you please give me your Contact Details.

  3. mangesh parab says:

    Hari om
    Mi Mangesh parab sir mala mazya rahatya ghari jar devharyat kasav thevaycha asel tar kontya metal cha thevu aani kay pooja karavi lagel aani kasa thevava

  4. diwakar chhabu zambare says:

    Tumhala dhetawayache aahe
    Maja kundali madhe gruha yog aaheka kupakarun mala sanga 08/10/1978 time

    aapala kupabhilash
    Diwakar c zambare

    • Narendra vinayak Parolkar (Bhave) says:

      Dear Sir
      After loosing everything I got too much ,
      But my last will is that I want to be a good writer ( yes ,I am a Piscean ,)
      My reading is that almost so many brahmins are Pisceans I e good losers
      Pl can you help me to overcome my internal conflicts
      I was born in Jalgaon Maharashtra
      On 7/3/1962 on 13.20 hrs ,a man with kulick kalsarp.
      Thanks with regards

  5. amruta says:

    is it possible to meet you?

  6. swapnil shinde says:

    mala tumhala bhetayache ahe maje kahi problem ahet please sir

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    Mala tumchi appouintment havi aahe. Me tumhala goa hun contact karat aahe. amha husband wife madhe khup diffrences hot aahet, karan kahi kale na sa zala aahe. me sagle upay karun baghitle.. aata last hope aahe tumchya kade, upay suchva. please help

  8. Hello…sir..maaz lagn kuthe fix hot nahi maazi raas tula aahe b date 19/05/1989 Aahe 5pm mala sanga ki kadhi yog aahe lagna cha reply kara.


    Respected Guruji, I want to meet you in pune for brand name in financial advisor of my wife name and also show my kundali

  10. Respected Guruji,I want to meet you in pune to show my kundali and give the brand name suggestion for finaincial services. I will pay your fees

  11. Respected Guruji,
    I want to show my kundali n also ask for brandname suggestion for my financial services business

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    Namaskar Sir,
    Mala tumcha contact no. milel ka

    Mazha contact no. 7208771200

  13. Anil says:

    Sir , mazya baukoche ani mszya aai che patat nahi, mazi nayko mazya aai shi 2 yr zale bolat nahi kay upay sanga
    Mazya bayko chi birth date 11-4-1984 1.10am karka rashi ani mazi aai kumbh rashi
    Plz upay sanga

  14. Rajendra raghunatj kanade says:

    Sir me kolhapur madhe Asato ani narasoba wadila nehmi jat asato…mala tumhala bhetaych ahe ….tumi…dar tin mahinyani wadila yeata ….pls …yaveli mala apla mulyawan vel dyava hi vinanti…

  15. अभय चंद्रशेखर मांडवगडे says:

    Sir my name is abhay chandrashekhar mandavgade dob is 30 march 1986 at 9am birthplace is karanja lad district akola ….I m facing too much financial & family problems in my life…& My wife Name is sayali Raju dhotkar born on 2 june 1991 at 3.45 am at pusad district yavatmal …. please आमचे मंगळ प्रभाव पाहून काही उपाय सुचवा।।। आपला कार्यक्रम पहिला खूप छान व लॉजिकल वाटलं, धन्यवाद

  16. Harshal Borgude says:

    mala tumhala bhetayache ahe maje kahi problem ahet please sir

    .. tumha;a bhetnya sathi kay krav lagel sir..please sir..

  17. Namaskar sir mala mazya mulachi patrika tumachya kadun banavayachi aahe aani aamachya doghanchi hi dakhvayachi aahe is it possible and what is the procedure for that …thank you for reply

  18. prafull says:

    Maze Nava prafull maza birthday 16/02/1981. Time 1.20 am marriage kewaha hohil. Ani kuthlaya rashichi .

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    I am Mr. Mahesh Bhope from Kolhapur and ineed to prepare my sons kundali from you. please kindly guide me and reply me on my mail Id.

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    Sir from last 3 years nothing is going write in my life so I want to no what the problem please help me out my contact number is 9008414006/7030229792 and my email id is s.falari@yahoo.co.in how to contact u please reply

  23. shubha03 says:

    Respected Sir,

    mla mazi lagn kundali check karychi ahe.mla hya mulasobat lagn cha decision ghetla jat nahiye.mzya life sathi ha mulga yogy ahe ki nhi kalat.plz mla tumche contact details dya ya mazya mail var mla details provide karun dya i am very disturb.

    Contact No.9970784329
    Email Id:shubhadate9@gmail.com

    Boy’s details:
    Name:- Avinash Somnath Ugale
    place:- Niphad
    time :-13.30 Pm

    girls details
    name:- Shubhangi Jaydev Date
    place:- Niphad
    time;13.30 pm

  24. Shweta says:

    How to contact you sir ? Need you’re appointment

  25. ashish r pawar says:

    Sir me ashish Pawar mazI birthday 25/07\1980 mala mazi rasi konti aani maza rasi sawmi aani eshtdewata knots te sanga’

  26. Suyog Jakhadi says:

    Namskar Sir tumachi Appoitment ghyachi ahe Mazya mulachi Ani mazi patrika tumhala dakhavayachi ahe.

  27. Suraj says:

    Dear Sir,
    My dob is 26/08/78, so by marathi calander my zodiac sign is Taurus, and according English my sign becomes Virgo.
    Please let me what should i do to improve my financial conditions.

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    I’m Vaibhav Gurav my date of birth is 26th October 1983,
    Time 03:00 am, place Mumbai (Mulund ) 
    I’m not on job from seems last November 2015 to till date. There is tragedy happened with me on the date of 25th April 2016 I caught in accident. My elder brother was expired in that accident & I was badly injured in that accident.  But I’m saved.  Now 4 months has left. I wanted to get back to the normal life but still nothing is happening as I expecting. Sir please give me some time to get off from my bad time.  
    Waiting for your positive reply

    Thanks & Regards 
    Vaibhav Gurav

  30. Reshma Govind Rawle says:

    Maz nav Reshma Govind Rawle   lagn ani job badal v4r ahe mazya bhahine jo mulaga baghitala tyachi details

    Name: manoj Anand mhatre
    Date of Birth: 08 Aug 1975
    Birth Time: 03:35 pm       
    Place: vasai (Nale)
    Raashi: Leo

    Mazi details
    Name : Reshma Govind Rawle
    Date of birth: 10 May 1979
    Birth Time : 2:44 am
    Place: Mumbai
    Plz patrika match hote ani maza fix job milu sakto ka? Aai vadilana mala sambhala kraycha ahe te hovu sakto ka? 

  31. dinesh kamble says:

    hello sir i want to meet you pls give mi your contact no

  32. Narendra vinayak Parolkar says:

    Dear sir
    This is my humble request to you ,that I am a Piscean so always get. Less what my ability is now I have given upto think what are my wants
    But now tending to sixties
    My last will (offcourse after loosing everything ) can I be a good writer ?
    And I have read that almost so many brahmins are Pisceans I mean great losers
    Pl can you help me
    I am born in Jalgaon on 7/3/1962.
    At 13.15 hrs in a bhargav gotriya Brahmin family
    Thanks with regards

  33. Narendra vinayak Parolkar (Bhave) says:

    Dear Sir
    After loosing everything I got too much ,
    But my last will is that I want to be a good writer ( yes ,I am a Piscean ,)
    My reading is that almost so many brahmins are Pisceans I e good losers
    Pl can you help me to overcome my internal conflicts
    I was born in Jalgaon Maharashtra
    On 7/3/1962 on 13.20 hrs ,a man with kulick kalsarp.
    Thanks with regards

  34. nilesh mhatre says:

    mala tumhala bhetayche aahe .tumach patt pathava .kiva mobail numbar pathava .

  35. nilesh mhatre says:

    Dear sir,

    I want to Meet you please give me your Contact Details.

  36. Manisha Kulkarni says:

    My birthdate is 08.12.1982, time 20.10.PM, i am divorcee………want to marry again…is it possible & if yes the when?….

  37. Shards dattatay ghume says:

    Sir man I rashi kark ahe,make sasarche Mia dimand det NAHI, maja navra pan mla sath det nahi tyanchi sinh radio ahe. Amche love marriage kale ahe, amche lagn yikes la? Please reply kra.

  38. swapnil R jagtap says:

    Sir , My date of Birth is 11/08/1979 time 4.40 Pm(16.40) Place Of Birth Ambarnath Please advice me stone or anything and also suggest how to get your service. My email Id is jagtap_swapnil@hotmail.com

  39. Rina says:

    Namaste Sir,
    My name is Rina and I live in Sydney Australia. I would like to talk to you on phone regarding my health during current pregnancy. I wish if you reply me asap your contact details it will help me in my problems.
    Please sir do contact me .

    I am looking forward to hear from you.

    Thank you.

  40. Nilam wadaskar says:

    Namste sir plz tumacha contecat no.midu shakel ka mala mazya kundali badal bolach ahe sir mi tumache roj tv program pahate plz no.midel ka


    Please send your contact for the arrange program

  42. anil mhatre says:

    sir i want your postal address for updating mailing list

  43. Vaishali says:

    Hello sir,
    I need ur appointment asap
    Pl give your contact.

  44. Rajashree naik says:

    We would like to organise your programme RashiChakra at our office: Provident fund office bandra on January 9th 2017 We want to organise this on account of our society office’s golden jubilee. Thereby please contact us so that you could help us organise this. Contact : mr. hemant 9987300572 , Mr
    Anand : 9969461861 Mrs rajashree : 9969541603.

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